As humble and modest as I tend to be, nevertheless, I have a rather massive portfolio of experience and skills to share with you and your company:


Sales & Marketing; B2B; B2C; D2D; all levels of Government;

Sales Management & Team Training;  I love to coach motivation and inspiration!

Seminar & Webinar Presenter (Expert in ZOOM, Google Meet, Crankwheel, Go-To-Meeting, etc.)

NEED LEADS?  I will provide highly effective prospecting skills and low-cost proven programs;

NEED SALES? I love to create Brilliant Presentations along with caring, pleasant, effective closing processes.

Industries I am expert in:

Solar (Top of the national leader board for both Tesla-Solar City and Sunrun);

LED and other energy conservation and storage;

Aging-In-Place products, services, custom systems;

Home Based Biz-Op     (20 years on the trade show circuits);

Promotional and Printed Products and Imprinting Equipment.

Environmental Assessment and Audits

PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for a fun involvement, so, I might not cost you a penny!         I make YOU money BEFORE you pay me a dime.         Lets Talk.

For now, here is my 4 minute

solar resume video:

Maybe I gave you my business card -or sent you this link-

because we can do good, lucrative things together in business.

Here's what they say about me:

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