October 9, 2021: Arvada, CO  Benefits Arvada Children's Fund

Fanatic van fans may enjoy this 20 minute video on the history of this van set to music by YES!:

Charity Car Shows with my 1967 Chevy Van

October 29, 2021: Nativity Church, Broomfield

Upcoming Events:

In 1971 I bought this van from an electrical contracting company in Arlington, Virginia.  They were about to junk it.  I was 19.     I told my mother it would get me back and forth to college for a couple years.  I have now driven this truck for 50 years.              It has taken me over 300,000 miles, the distance to the moon, or ten times around the Earth.  Now it lives in the garage and comes out to charity shows to contribute money to worthy causes. 

Events raise money for -Good News Church  -Knights of Columbus  -The Elks Club  -Meals on Wheels -others.

As well, these are very fun community events.  This van is now quite rare.  Young folks have never seen one (where's the engine!?)  Older ex hippies and grey hair California surfers stand and wistfully recall their own days, decades ago, in a Chevy Van.

50 years in the Chevy Van: Carolinas to British Columbia; New York to Arizona: